"Show Us Your Tiger Spirit"

Include C.A.T. in your photos at class events and gatherings or in any fun way you can.

Download and print out C.A.T. [PDF] and write your class numerals in the white space on the shield. Fold him up and take him wherever you go—and snap away! We will judge the winning entries and provide prizes. See how many times your class can appear in a photo with C.A.T.!


We will be offering prizes for C.A.T. photos in the following categories:

  • Farthest place a classmate travels with C.A.T.
  • Most creative photo with your classmate/s and C.A.T.
  • Photo with the most classmates and C.A.T.
  • Most C.A.T.s in the photo with your classmates
  • C.A.T. in the most Princeton-like background away from Princeton
  • Funniest C.A.T. photo
  • Class with the most C.A.T. entries

Be creative and have fun!


Please send your photo, along with the following information, to classaff@princeton.edu:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Class year
  • Location of photo

Send your photos to the Class Affairs Team.