APGA connects and supports Princeton graduate alumni in scholarship, fellowship and leadership, in the nation's service and the service of humanity.

Strategic Vision

The APGA represents a graduate alumni body:

  • That is supportive of Princeton, its mission, programs, and activities
  • That is fully integrated into the Princeton community
  • With a powerful voice in guiding Princeton's strategic direction
  • That is leaving its mark on our times — and that is aided by Princeton in doing so
  • That values the diverse talents and viewpoints of each member of the Princeton community
  • That keeps company with — and supports — one another.

Strategic Approach

To achieve this vision, we must adopt an approach that is: 

  • Prospective – recognizing that affinity for the Princeton experience begins with the quality of the graduate student experience and is enhanced through lifelong learning and engagement.
  • Supportive – responding to and anticipating the needs and interests of graduate alumni must guide our efforts in promoting their personal and professional development.
  • Comprehensive – supporting and developing the graduate alumni network requires a "Whole of Princeton" approach, one that fully integrates the efforts of all Princetonians, on campus and worldwide.
  • Inclusive – our approach must also enliven and enrich the lives of graduate alumni by reinforcing an atmosphere of fellowship among fellow Princetonians.

Major Activities

In pursuit of the above objectives, the APGA carries out a range of activities, including:

  • Helping Princetonians who push the bounds and set the standards of scholarship;
  • Enabling Princetonians who exercise the highest degree of inspired leadership
  • Supporting Princetonians who work to improve the lives of others through service;
  • Serving Princetonians who create and strengthen a sense of community with fellow graduate alumni;
  • Assisting Princetonians who mentor others with the same patience and dedication as we ourselves were mentored.

Approved February 27, 2011