Reunions weekend is one of Princeton's most treasured alumni traditions, and brings nearly 25,000 alumni, family and friends back to campus each year. The APGA hosts an annual Reunions celebration at which all graduate alumni, graduate students and guests gather and march in the One and Only P-rade. Graduate alumni actively participate in all Reunions programs and events.

APGA Reunions Volunteers

Resources for APGA Reunions Committee members including vendor lists, handbooks and more.

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APGA Reunions Apparel

Deck yourself out in official APGA Apparel for this year's Reunions! Official Reunions Jackets & Shirts are available, along with a host of other items done in our jacket lining fabric, a vibrant orange featuring a drawing of Cleveland Tower.

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APGA Reunions 2018

Reunions 2018 will be here before you know it. Learn what the APGA has in store, and make your plans to join us on campus!

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APGA Reunions Themes

Each year the APGA selects a theme for Reunions which is incorporated into all events as well as signs and slogans for the P-Rade.

Past themes

Future Dates

Reunions 2018
May 31 - June 3, 2018

Reunions 2019
May 30 – June 2, 2019

APGA Reunions 2017

Graduate alumni, students and families gathered at the APGA tent for another incredible Reunions weekend.

Reunions 2017 highlights

Society of the Claw

The Society of the Claw honors a special commitment to the Reunions experience.

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Reunions History

No other institution welcomes all of its alumni and their families back for reunions on a yearly basis with the style and fanfare that is uniquely Princeton.