About the Princeton Women's Network

Princeton Women's Network (PWN) gathers together alumnae in regional associations around the world. PWN members create communities through grassroots efforts and activities focused on shared interests and issues including social and professional networking; personal and professional development; mentoring of alumnae and students; cultural activities, social events, service projects and friendship.

United States
PWN of Atlanta           The Princeton Club of Georgia
PWN of Boston           Princeton Association of New England
PWN of Chicago           The Princeton Club of Chicago
PWN of New York           The Princeton Association of New York City
PWN of Northern California           The Princeton Club of Northern California
PWN of Northern New Jersey           The Princeton Alumni Association of Northern New Jersey
PWN of Oregon           The Princeton Club of Oregon
PWN of Philadelphia           The Princeton Club of Philadelphia
PWN of Princeton Area           The Princeton Area Alumni Association
PWN of San Diego           The Princeton Club of San Diego
PWN of Washington, D.C.           The Princeton Club of Washington, D.C.
PWN of Hong Kong           The Princeton Club of Hong Kong


For additional information or to locate or start a PWN in your region, please contact Emily Latham, Assistant Director, Affinity Groups.