On February 23, 2019, reconnect with friends, fellow alumni and Princeton families. Hear lectures by the two award winners and distinguished faculty in the morning. Gather in Jadwin Gymnasium for a reception, followed by the Alumni Association Luncheon and Awards Ceremony. Join fellow Princetonians afterwards for the moving Service of Remembrance in the University Chapel. Campus is abuzz with other activities, as well, including workshops, exhibits, performances, student projects and much more.

Alumni Day 2019 Information


Online registration for Alumni Day 2019 is not yet available.

Events & Exhibits

COMING SOON: Schedule of events for the day, other campus events and exhibits.

Travel Logistics

Alumni Day Awards

Princeton will present its top honors for alumni to  Mellody Hobson ’91 and Carol Quillen *91.

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Service of Remembrance

The service remembers with honor and affection those Princetonians – alumni, students, faculty and staff – whose deaths were recorded during the prior calendar year.

Alumni Day History

Designed to give alumni a glimpse of campus life when the University was in session, Alumni Day was first observed on Lincoln's birthday in 1915.