Alumni Studies offerings come in a variety of formats and durations. Inspired by the Class of 1946 Studies program, the Alumni Studies curricula brings participants together with faculty and scholars for exploration of particular topics. Whether through online engagement modules such as webinars, e-precepts and web-based courses or in-person educational sessions on campus and around the world, these ventures provide meaningful interaction with content, faculty and fellow learners.

Current and Recent Offerings

"The Paradox of War" Alumni Companion Program

Featuring guided, interactive discussion and three webinars highlighting unique military experiences, this special companion to Professor Miguel Centeno's Coursera course of the same name provided a personalized medium through which to explore the paradox of war.

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Princeton Pre-Read: The Honor Code

President Christopher Eisgruber '83 invited alumni to join in discussion with the incoming undergraduate Class of 2017 and other members of the Princeton Community around this year's Princeton Pre-Read selection: Kwame Anthony Appiah's The Honor Code.

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Shakespeare and Performance

Comparing the performance conditions and conventions of early modern England with those of today to explore how each have influenced the staging of Shakespeare's plays, this course with Michael Cadden involved the study, viewing and discussion of the Bard's selected works.

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Prejudice in the Blink of an Eye: The Science of Racial Bias

This webinar examined the subtleties of imagery and ethnic prejudice in the U.S. today, along with the resulting social implications.

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Election 2012

This timely series explored key issues of the 2012 presidential election with Princeton faculty, journalists and alumni.

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Young Adult Literature: Growth, Crossover Appeal, and "The Hunger Games"

This webinar explored the themes in The Hunger Games trilogy and their importance to understanding Young Adult literature, childhood and beyond.

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The Future of Nuclear Power

This program introduced nuclear fission and fusion energy as power sources, exploring the technologies from various perspectives and assessing their future prospects in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

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Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin: From Words to Performance

Examining Pushkin's story, Prokofiev's music and the Stalinist context for why it was banned in its time, this course discussed what it took to mount a never-before produced work and what this venture has meant to contemporary performance studies.

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Classic Billington: The Art of Engineering

Focusing upon structural engineering as a new art form to emerge during the Industrial Revolution, this class examined the long-span bridges, thin shell concrete vaults, and tall buildings that embody this art form.

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Health Care Reform Revisited

Princeton alumni and friends were invited to explore current issues in U.S. health care policy reform through a complimentary educational highlight on this topic.

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Post-Recession America: Lessons Learned

At the heart of this course were six lectures delivered in the fall 2010 at the Woodrow Wilson School, five of which were from the school's Financial Market Regulation series.

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Princeton University Reads

This course involved the close study of the work of distinguished writers who teach at Princeton. The course covered short stories, poetry, and novels, all written by Princeton Authors including Joyce Carol Oates, Toni Morrison, Paul Muldoon and others.

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