This Fall 2011, the Office of the Alumni Association, in collaboration with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was proud to offer an Alumni Studies program entitled, "Classic Billington: The Art of Engineering" to Princeton Alumni and Friends. Based upon the seminal course, "Structures and the Urban Environment" with Professor David P. Billington '50, Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, this program featured videotaped lectures from this classic course and legendary professor, who recently received the 2011 Award for Excellence in Alumni Education.

Focusing upon structural engineering as a new art form to emerge during the Industrial Revolution, the class examined the long-span bridges, thin shell concrete vaults and tall buildings that embody this art form. Students learned to critically analyze major structures as works of art, while studying the ideas and innovations of the individual structural artists who created them. Contemporary exemplars were presented and evaluated, along with their roles in defining urban landscapes and 21st-century cities.

The "Art of Engineering" ran from September 22 – November 23, 2011. There were two course enrollment options, one that featured selected readings and an online discussion group moderated by Dr. Gordana Herning *11, who is a regular preceptor in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Course registration closed on October 3.