In Spring 2011, the Office of Alumni Affairs, in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson School and the Office of Community and Regional Affairs, offered a six-week course entitled "Post-Recession America: Lessons Learned" to Alumni and Friends of Princeton.

At the heart of this course were six lectures delivered in the fall 2010 at the Woodrow Wilson School, five of which were from the school's Financial Market Regulation series. The series brought together policy-makers, academics, business leaders and journalists to examine the ramifications and lessons learned from the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and how these will shape U.S. policy in the years to come. A bonus lecture from Peter Orszag '91 on how health care reform will impact our fiscal future rounded out a broad discussion of America's current state of economic affairs. Online video presentations were complemented by timely readings, an online discussion group, and a weekly preceptorial session. Flexible enrollment options allowed participants to choose their preferred level of involvement and interaction.