In Spring 2013, the Office of Alumni Affairs was pleased to offer an Alumni Studies program with Professor Michael Cadden entitled "Shakespeare and Performance." This course explored the ways that the performance conditions and conventions of early modern England shaped Shakespeare's plays, as well as the ways that the conditions and conventions of a variety of contemporary media shape production choices and audience reception today.

This six-week course ran from March 1 through April 11 and included a course website that provided the following:

  • A detailed syllabus of readings, film and electronic resources with online access to the latter
  • Live, interactive webinars and videos with Michael Cadden and others
  • Ongoing, moderated online discussion
  • Suggestions for additional enrichment

Optional live performances in Princeton and New York City, as well as in-person discussion sessions with the professor were also offered.

This program was adapted, for alumni and friends, from Professor Cadden's undergraduate course of the same name. Check out his introduction video to the full spring term course, ENG315/THR 315 Shakespeare and Performance.