Is war natural? What do soldiers believe in? How does war impact society?

These questions and more were explored in a guided, interactive email discussion on "The Paradox of War." Offered in tandem with Professor Miguel Centeno's six-week course, which was conducted using the online Coursera platform, the Alumni Studies program provided Princetonians with a unique, interactive forum to exchange ideas and personally connect with the readings, lecture videos, and one another.

Guided by Ph.D. student Andrew Ledford, an experienced preceptor for Professor Centeno's course on "The Western Way of War," this email-based dialogue explored course concepts through critical thinking and reflection on shared experience. Three online webinars featuring the perspectives of Princetonians in the military and veterans of war complemented this interaction, along with a special on-campus introduction on Friday, May 30 for those attending Reunions 2014.

The discussion program was free and began on June 1. Watch Professor Centeno's introduction to learn more.