These days, Young Adult (YA) literature prompts interesting questions and cause for debate. With so many teens and adults reading series such as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, the line between young adult and adult fiction is blurrier than ever. If you are like most of us, you have heard, seen, and maybe even contributed to the buzz surrounding The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. You may have picked up the first book in the trilogy or even read the entire series. With the film debut, you've possibly gone to see it, to determine how it compared with the book or to see what all the hype is about.

Bill Gleason, English Professor and Acting Director of the Program in American Studies, hosted an Alumni Studies webinar on Wednesday, April 18 to discuss The Hunger Games and its role within the ever-expanding genre of Young Adult literature. Building upon his recent Alumni Day lecture, "Children's Literature in a Digital Age," Professor Gleason explained why he teaches The Hunger Games in his popular undergraduate course, ENG 385 "Children’s Literature," and why the themes in this series are important to popular and academic thinking about literature, childhood and beyond.

If you were unable to join The Hunger Games webinar "live," a recording of this hour-long event is now available for viewing. For additional impact, combine this with Professor Gleason's 14-minute highlight video introducing his thoughts on the Young Adult literary genre. We hope you enjoy watching our inaugural Alumni Studies webinar as much as we enjoyed hosting it.

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