This spring, the Alumni Council's Committee on Academic Programs for Alumni (CAPA) will recognize and showcase the work of three distinguished graduate students with the 2015 Emerging Alumni Scholars Award Program. This annual presentation is designed to share with alumni some of the best doctoral research being conducted at the University and is generously supported by Labyrinth Books.

View each scholar's video introduction and studio presentation by selecting the corresponding link below. Their slightly longer studio presentations will be posted after they have been recorded.

The 2015 Emerging Alumni Scholars Award Recipients are:

Jonathan Robinson, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Dissertation Title: Exploration of Bacterial Nitric Oxide Stress Responses as a Source of Antivirulence Targets

View 3-minute video introduction

Jennifer Schieltz, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Dissertation Title: Cattle-wildlife interactions on shared rangelands in East Africa

View 3-minute video introduction

Sarah Seo, History

Dissertation Title: The Fourth Amendment, Cars, and Freedom in Twentieth-Century America

View 3-minute video introduction

Video Archive

Please visit the Emerging Alumni Scholars video archive to view research presentations by past years' honorees.

2015 Semi-Finalists

View the introduction videos from the 2015 semi-finalists.