Dissertation Title: The Form and Function of Curvature in Vibrio Cholerae

Department: Molecular Biology

Advisor(s): Zemer Gitai

Bio: Thomas Bartlett worked several unusual jobs - including loading trucks at UPS, playing classical violin at weddings, and running a wine store for a local winery - to finance his studies at Bucks County Community College. He then matriculated to Rider University, where he worked in an immunology lab in between classes. After undergrad, he developed assays to test for genetic diseases at Medical Diagnostics Laboratories, before heading to Princeton University to pursue a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.  He now spends his time figuring out how Vibrio cholerae generates its characteristic curved shape, how that curvature impacts its ability to cause cholera in human beings, and how to use this knowledge to fight cholera epidemics.