Climb aboard the National Geographic Explorer, December 7-20 2019, for the ultimate exploratory experience, a comprehensive cruise along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Princeton Journeys is delighted to announce another opportunity to experience what could easily be named the single most unique travel expedition our world has to offer: a journey to Antarctica. This coming December 2019, join your fellow Princetonians on the adventure of a lifetime where you will inhabit the vastness and discover the wonder of being in a location entirely pristine. See huge tabular icebergs floating in pools of turquoise blue melt water and mountains rising some 9,000 feet straight up from the sea. Watch raucous penguin behavior from courting to mating. Kayak among exotic wildlife. Descend from your ship, "parked" in the ice, for the thrill of walking on a frozen sea. Cruise through the solemn majesty of the Lemaire Channel. Capture the magnificence of your surroundings with an onboard National Geographic photographer. In crossing the Antarctic Convergence, you'll join the ranks of the legendary explorers who’ve ventured there. And, depending on where your prior travels have taken you, you may even join another illustrious and exclusive society — the "Seven Continent Club."

About the Study Leader

Denise L. Mauzerall is a Professor of Environmental Engineering and Public and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School. Professor Mauzerall is an esteemed and sought‐after scholar who has been on multiple DAVOS delegations and international speaking engagements. The objective of her research group is to utilize science to inform the development of far‐sighted air quality policy that considers impacts of air pollution on human health, agriculture and climate change. Her professional goal is to use global change science to facilitate the formation of sound environmental policy.

Trip Details

  • Dates: December 7-20, 2019
  • Cost: from $14,580 per person
  • Deposit: $1,500 per person
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Operator: Lindblad Expeditions


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