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Exploring the Art of Structural Engineering in Cuba

Maria E. Moreyra Garlock, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Program in Architecture and Engineering
March 31, 201700:55:30

Climate Risks and Preparation for Future Climate Events: A New York City Case Study

Guy Nordenson, Professor of Architecture. (Additional presenters.)
October 18, 201300:32:46

Between City and Country: Architecture and Patronage at Palladio's Villa Pisani at Montagnana

Johanna Heinrichs, Art and Archaeology graduate student.
April 3, 201200:24:50

Shaping the Experience of Art

James Steward, Director of the Art Museum and Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Art and Archaeology.
April 8, 20101:13:14

Teaching 50 Years at Princeton: Engineering as Art, as History and in Politics

David P. Billington '50, Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Engineering, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director for the Program in Architecture and Engineering.
February 20, 20101:02:02

Vanishing Visions: What Ever Happened to the Big City Plan?

Sarah Whiting *90, Assistant Professor of Architecture.
March 22, 20071:12:02
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