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Many Minds, Many Stripes Luncheon Remarks: Norman R. Augustine '57 *59 H07

Norman R. Augustine '57 *59 H07, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation.
October 19, 201300:25:19

Many Minds, Many Stripes Opening Remarks: David Lee *99

David S. Lee *99, Provost and professor of economics and public affairs.
October 18, 201300:06:55

Many Minds, Many Stripes Conversation with President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’'83

Christopher L. Eisgruber '83, President of the University.
October 18, 201300:56:06

Many Minds, Many Stripes: Graduate School Update by Dean William Russel

William B. Russel h*04, Dean of the Graduate School.
October 18, 201300:09:35

Many Minds, Many Stripes: The Graduate Student Experience Today

Nimisha Barton, graduate student in History. (Additional presenters.)
October 18, 201300:22:32

Many Minds, Many Stripes: Teaching Graduate Students at Princeton

Claire Gmachl, Vice Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering. (Additional presenters.)
October 18, 201300:30:04

Many Minds, Many Stripes: A Conversation on Higher Education Leadership

Janet L. Holmgren *74, Senior Vice President, UniversityNow, and President Emerita, Mills College. (Additional presenters.)
October 18, 201300:21:18

A Search, in Literature and Life, for a Meaningful Life

Ellen B. Chances *72, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures.
October 18, 201300:41:11

What a Well-Informed Person Should Know about Computing and Communications

Brian Kernighan *69, Professor of Computer Science.
October 18, 201300:39:04

A Conversation with Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School.
October 18, 201300:17:55
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