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Forget Balance, Try for Sanity Instead

Lisa Belkin '82, Reporter, The New York Times.
April 30, 20111:13:41

A Conversation with Author Jodi Picoult '87

Jodi Picoult '87, Author. (Additional presenters)
April 30, 20111:14:40

Concluding Address: Wendy Kopp '89

Wendy Kopp '89, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Teach For America.
April 30, 20110:40:58

Higher Education: What's Going on for Women?

Janet L. Holmgren *74, President, Mills College, and Princeton University Trustee. (Additional presenters)
April 30, 20111:19:45

How Women Succeed in the World of Business and Finance

Kathryn A. Hall '80, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Information Officer of Hall Capital Partners, Board Chair of PRINCO, and Princeton University Trustee.
April 30, 20111:06:40

The Corporate Board: Women Making an Impact

Margaret M. Cannella '73, Adjunct Professor of Finance at Columbia Business School, Director of Advanced Foods and CHF Finance International, and Trustee of Schroder Funds and Wilshire Associates. (Additional presenters)
April 30, 20111:15:27

Improving Child Wellbeing in America: Bringing Research to Practice

Christina Paxson, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School and Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School.
April 29, 20110:54:40

Opening Remarks

Robert K. Durkee '69, Vice President and Secretary of the University.
April 29, 20110:13:30

A Conversation with President Shirley M. Tilghman

Shirley M. Tilghman, President of the University and Professor of Molecular Biology.
April 29, 20110:52:27

The Student Experience Today: A Panel Discussion

Cynthia Cherrey, Vice President for Campus Life. (Additional presenters)
April 29, 20111:03:23
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