The Ad Hoc Committee on Alumnae Initiatives was created by The Alumni Council to support the interests and activities of Princeton women. We are in part a legacy of She Roars, the first alumnae conference, which generated energetic alumnae volunteer activity. In addition, we are inspired by the focus on leadership among Princeton women that resulted from the 2011 Report of the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership.

  • Visit the Princeton Women page, a one-stop resource for alumnae to find opportunities to connect around issues and interests they share.
  • Join us on campus at She Roars events on Alumni Day and at Reunions. For advance notice, sign up for Princeton Women updates.
  • Find out about a  Princeton Women's Network in your region.
  • Connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Women-Connect on TigerNet.
  • Help us support mentoring among alumnae. We want to connect women who seek fulfillment, transformation and growth through life's stages and changes.

We are eager to hear more about how Princeton alumnae would like to connect and interact.

For more information about the committee or to learn how to participate, contact

Committee Leadership

Jolanne Stanton '77 P05, Chair

Isabel McGinty *82 P12, Vice Chair


Maureen Crough '83 S83

Ita Ekpoudom '03

Lauren Fox '85

Robin Herman '73

Linda Knights '77 P14

Yuanbo Liu '10

Alisa Matlovsky '76

Taylor Nelson '13

Laura Redman '03

Erica Thaler '86 S84

Carolyn Yang '15

Jennifer Caputo, Staff Liaison