Jennifer Daniels '93

Even before stepping foot on campus, Jennifer was acutely aware of Princeton's proud tradition of service. Inspired by her alumna interviewer and then her alumni mentors while a student, Jennifer knew she wanted to give back to future generations of alumni. As the incoming President of the Alumni Association and Chair of the Alumni Council, Jennifer hopes to encourage Tigers of all stripes to share in that same tradition of giving back to Princeton.

After stepping back from a career in strategy consulting to raise her two children, Stephen and Katie, with her husband Keith ’92, Jennifer looked for local opportunities to get engaged in serving Princeton. After assisting with local alumni schools committee efforts, she was soon asked to join the Princeton Schools Committee (PSC) as a mentor and later served as Vice Chair and then Chair of the PSC, roles which afforded her the opportunity to serve on the Alumni Council Executive Committee. She has also volunteered as a regional Vice-President for the Princeton Club of Philadelphia, Reunions Committee member, Class Participation co-chair, and Class Treasurer.

Jennifer's greatest joy comes from connecting and collaborating with other alumni, and she is inspired by the incredible work that Princeton’s alumni are doing all over the world. She is honored and humbled by the extraordinary opportunity to unite with other dedicated volunteers in service to Princeton, and wants all Tigers to discover ways that they can continue the tradition of making the 'best darn place of all' even better!

Rich Holland '96

Rich has been following his passion to grow Princeton alumni engagement since he walked out of FitzRandolph Gate in the spring of 1996. He only had to be asked once to help organize Young Alumni happy hours in Washington DC back in 1996, and there was no turning back from there. He is convinced that both students and alumni alike would enjoy more engagement with the University and can benefit from a gentle orange nudge.

“I recall walking the campus as a student and feeling overcome by all that was at my fingertips, whether it was the world-renowned speakers coming to campus or student-run programming. Despite making a decent “college try” to take in all that I could, I know that I fell very short. Well, 20+ years later, still trying to right that wrong, I am hopeful that I can have even the slightest positive impact on how Princeton’s great alumni body engages with the University.”

He has served on the boards of the Princeton Club of Georgia and the Princeton Club of Washington DC for more than 15 years, including as President, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Alumni Schools Co-Chair, PPRR Co-Chair, and Young Alumni Coordinator. Most recently, Rich served as the Chair of the Alumni Council’s Committee on Regional Associations.

Rich lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife, Meredith, and three children, Will (12), Sam (10), and Katie (6). He enjoys the beach with his family and coaching his three kids in Little League Baseball.

Jennifer Daniels '93

President, Alumni Association of Princeton University

Chair, Alumni Council

Rich Holland '96

Vice President, Alumni Association of Princeton University

Vice Chair, Alumni Council