Princeton Schools Committee (PSC) supports and assists alumni interviewers via Alumni Schools Committees (ASCs) throughout the world, helping to assure that they deliver a consistent level of high quality service to applicants and to Princeton. PSC works with the Admission Office to set standards, guidelines and policies for local ASC operations, as well as offering support to ASC Chairs and providing information and advice to ASC Chairs and members.

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Committee Leadership

Jane C. Shidler '96, Chair

Tonya Chisolm Miles '82, Vice Chair


John H. Armstrong '84

Chenault "Ceci" Conway Boden '89

Meagan L. Buczek '00

Zeit Te Cai '13

Miriam Camara '10

Catherine A. Carsley *93

Jay Czarnecki '87

Dennis M.P. Ehling '90

Marcia Gonzales-Kimbrough '75

Ann K. Holder '84

Mokyou Hyun '97

Candace R. Jackson '00

Andrew Kehr '85

Edwin "Ted" J. Lightfoot '78

Steven J. Margolis '81

Douglas D. Massick '93

John A. Millin, IV '95

Suzanne M. Morrison '89

Nasser Bin Nasser *03

Lynne Fletcher O'Brien '84

Charlene Huang Olson '88

Nancy E. Ortega '84

Karen Packtor '90

Lily Chung Partridge '82

Mika Provata-Carlone *02

Edward J. Rogers '87

Carlos I. Rojas-Gaitan *00

Bradley S. Saft '00

Jorge Santana '08

Michael S. Schneider '72

Bliss L.M. Smith '87

David E. Spiro '80 *89

Terri Riendeau '83, Office of Admissions Liaison

Melissa Davis, Office of Admissions Liaison

Kim Frawley, Staff Liaison