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Viewing: Emerging Alumni Scholar Lectures: 33 Lectures

The Form and Function of Curvature in Vibrio Cholerae

Thomas Bartlett, Molecular Biology graduate student.
February 29, 20160:03:00

Activation of Vibrio Cholerae Quorum Sensing to Manipulate Virulence

Amanda Hurley, Molecular Biology graduate student.
February 29, 201600:02:54

The Surfactant's Role in Concrete Frost Protection

Lori Tunstall, Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate student.
February 29, 201600:03:12

Cattle-wildlife Interactions on Shared Rangelands in East Africa

Jennifer Schieltz, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate student.
May 19, 201500:20:09

Exploration of Bacterial Nitric Oxide Stress Responses as a Source of Antivirulence Targets

Jonathan Robinson, Chemical & Biological Engineering graduate student.
May 19, 201500:22:47

The Fourth Amendment, Cars, and Freedom in Twentieth-Century America

Sarah Seo, History graduate student.
May 19, 201500:22:40

2014 Emerging Alumni Scholars Welcome and Introduction

George R. Trumbull IV '99, Vice Chair for the Committee on Academic Programs for Alumni.
May 23, 201400:02:58

More than Just Carriers: How Chagas Disease Affects the Insect that Spreads it

Jennifer Peterson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate student.
May 23, 201400:22:48

Should Swimming Robots be Flexible?

Daniel Quinn, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate student.
May 23, 201400:21:34
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