Alumni Day 2016

Princeton welcomed more than 1,000 alumni and guests for Alumni Day, February 20, 2016.

Alumni Day Lectures

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The Alumni Day lectures include video recordings of the alumni who received this year's Woodrow Wilson Award and James Madison Medal.

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Alumni Day Program

Alumni Day 16

View the full Alumni Day schedule, information about the alumni and student award recipients, a message from the president of the alumni association, and more.

Alumni Day Schedule [PDF]
Alumni Day Luncheon and Awards Ceremony Program [PDF]

Alumni Association Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

Alumni Day 16

At the Alumni Day luncheon, several awards were presented to alumni and students in recognition of their achievements.

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Service of Remembrance

Alumni Day 16

A cherished part of Alumni Day, Princeton University’s Annual Memorial Service invited family and friends to remember with honor and affection those Princetonians—alumni, students, faculty and staff—whose deaths were recorded during the prior calendar year.

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Alumni Day in Photos

Alumni Day 16