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June 20 - 28, 2014

Ancient Empires: Tunis to Rome

Faced with an obstacle to his military campaign, Hannibal, the Carthaginian general from the second century B.C., famously asserted, "I shall find a way, or make one." Make your way with fellow Princetonians sailing the Western Mediterranean, June 20-28, 2014, aboard the private yacht Variety Voyager. Explore the intersection of Greek, Phoenician and Roman civilization in commerce, culture and conquest on two continents, Europe and Africa. Witness the advancements of the Phoenicians in their powerful city state Carthage, now Tunis, and explore battle sites from the Punic Wars—fabled campaigns from antiquity from which Romans ultimately prevailed to become the dominant political, military and cultural influence.

Cruise first from the ruins of Carthage in Tunis to Malta to observe the diversity of treasures in the National Museum of Archaeology, reflecting the confluence of cultures that jockeyed for predominance. Take to the sea again, bound for Sicily — cultural crossroads of the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans. Visit Selinunte, an influential Greek colony and site of a Punic War battle, and marvel at the ruins of the Temple of Hera. Proceed to Erice, a Punic War battle site and walled town that belies its bellicose past and Segesta, renowned for its Doric temple and Greek theater. Lastly, cruise to Sardinia, another Mediterranean gem hotly contested by the Phoenicians and Romans, and visit the ancient city of Sulci where Hannibal took refuge. The program, fittingly, concludes in Rome.

An optional pre-tour extension in Tunis, to explore this city in depth and to visit the ancient Roman city of Dougga, will be available (6/18-21), as will be a post-cruise extension in Rome (6/28-30).

Please note: Princeton travelers will share this adventure with travelers from Yale and the Archaeological Institute of America.

About Study Leader

Denis Feeney, the Giger Professor of Classics and Professor of Classics, will serve as Princeton Study Leader on this Journey.

Educated at Auckland University and Oxford, Professor Feeney joined the Princeton faculty in 2000, after teaching positions in both Britain and the United States. He teaches and publishes on Latin literature and on Roman culture more broadly, with a special focus on Roman religion and time.

In The Gods in Epic (Oxford, 1991) Professor Feeney investigated the problem of how gods were represented in (especially Latin) epic. Literature and Religion at Rome (Cambridge, 1998) looked more broadly at the problem of the interaction between the literary and religious systems of Rome. Caesar's Calendar (California, 2007) examined Roman constructions of time, in terms of synchronism, historical vs. mythical time, and calendrical time. He is currently finishing a book tentatively entitled Translation, Bilingualism, and Empire.

Trip Details
Trip Date
June 20 - 28, 2014
Trip Cost
From $6,490 per person, double occupancy
Trip Deposit
$1,000 per person
Trip Operator
Criterion Travel

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