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Reunions 2016

This year, we are offering a mobile video experience unique to Princeton Reunions. Alumni may now shoot or upload short Reunions videos (up to 15 seconds) on their mobile devices, wrap those videos into a Princeton-branded filter for each major reunion and the APGA (and a general Reunions filter for satellite classes), and then easily share those videos on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in a text message.

To Vivoom your videos, go to on any mobile device.

Who Can Post the Most?


Will it be the 5th, the 15th, the 50th, the APGA? We want to see which group can post the most – and when you Vivoom your videos, we will be able to. We'll keep track of the most posts, the most shares, and the most views by major and the APGA. Who's going to be on top by Sunday?



Share your favorite moments from Reunions: grand fireworks displays, dancing to HQ entertainment, P-rade locomotives, or scenes from campus. Videos must be 15 seconds or shorter. Videos can be recorded directly through Vivoom or uploaded from your mobile device.

Check Out the Videos


See what others have already shared. Spark ideas for your own videos.

Reunions Vivoom videos

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It's easy!

1. Go to Reunions Vivoom on your mobile device

2. Sign in through Facebook, Twitter, or email

3. Record your Reunions moments and Vivoom your video

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