Princeton Women’s Network

The Alumni Association seeks to support Princeton women and alumnae and non-binary alumni initiatives. Join a Princeton Women’s Network chapter, or launch a new one, and explore ways to meet and engage fellow Tiger alumnae.

Women at table under tent during She Roars conference

Princeton Women’s Network

From networking and mentorship to cultural activities and book clubs, social events and service projects, the Princeton Women’s Network (PWN) provides a convivial community built on shared interests, a strong devotion to service, unbreakable friendships, and an inimitable orange-and-black spirit that never wanes! 

Leadership and Chapters

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Alumni Spotlight

Alumnae Leaders Reflect on 50 Years of Undergraduate Coeducation at Princeton

The women who attended Princeton during the first decade of coeducation set precedents with every achievement, and their role as pioneers did not end when they exited campus through FitzRandolph Gate. As alumnae, they continued to push on doors that had previously been closed to women, and the contributions they’ve made helped Princeton evolve into a stronger, more welcoming institution.  

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She Roars

The She Roars conference in 2018 inspired nearly 3,000 alumni to attend the three-day conference, making it the largest conference in the University’s history.

She Roars conference floor.
Photo of early women's sports team

History of Women at Princeton

Women have changed the history of Princeton. The Princeton experience for women — for students, professors, administrators — began as one of struggling to break barriers in a traditionally all-male university. Now, women are leaders and they're reaching new heights every day.