TigerNet Authentication Service (TAS)

TigerNet Authentication Service (TAS) is a form of the University Central Authentication Service (CAS). The University Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a centrally managed authentication service that provides secure authentication for Web-based applications — one that you can trust will protect your University alumni identity and credentials.

TAS is the alumni version of CAS. You will be required to log into TAS in order to access TigerNet and other University password-protected sites that require you to log in with your TigerNet account NetID and password.

How does TAS affect me?

There are two main features of a TAS-enabled web application:

  • A TAS-enabled application, like TigerNet, ensures that your security credentials are not being collected by web-based applications.
  • TAS-enabled web application permit users to log on once and to be automatically authenticated to any other TAS-enabled application. This is also called single sign-on technology. So once you are logged into one TAS-enabled application, you won't need to log in again when you move to another TAS-enabled application.

PLEASE NOTE: Your TigerNet account NetID and password will only provide you with access to any TAS-enabled websites. Not all University websites managed by the CAS system are available to alumni. In addition to Tigernet, you will soon start to see more and more password-protected sites that University become TAS-enabled.

How does it work?

The CAS web pages are protected by an SSL certificate from Versign. The SSL certificate is only issued to organizations that have gone through a more rigorous screening to prove their identity. Learn more about Versign's SSL Certificate.