Getting Started: TigerNet Registration

Access to the TigerNet Online Community portion of the Alumni Association's website is only given to undergraduate and graduate alumni of Princeton.

New graduates (undergraduates and graduates, beginning with the Class of 2006) do not need to register for access to TigerNet. The University automatically grants access to new alumni post-commencement via their existing University NetID and password.

Register via the TigerNet Authentication System (TAS) by clicking on "Register Now."


Who is eligible to access the TigerNet Online Community?
Princeton University undergraduate and graduate alumni are eligible to sign up for the TigerNet Online Community. Current students can also access certain portions of the site using their University NetID and password. Access is not granted to: honorary members, exchange students, relatives (spouse, widow/er, child, sibling) or friends.

What portions of TigerNet can current students, faculty and staff access with their University NetID and password?
Current students, faculty and staff are eligible for limited access to TigerNet. Current students may access the Alumni Directory Search and Discussion Groups. Faculty and staff may access Discussion Groups. PLEASE NOTE: Any section you do not have access to will return an error message.

Is TigerNet a secure database?
TigerNet is a secure, password-protected online database owned by Princeton University and serviced through iModules. Authentication is controlled through the TigerNet Authentication System (TAS) on University servers, and the web pages are protected by an SSL Certificate. A verified University affiliation and authenticated login are required to access the information contained in TigerNet. For more information, visit our TAS fact sheet.

How do I register for TigerNet?
You can register for TigerNet by going to the Alumni Association home page and clicking on the "Alumni Registration" button in the TigerNet Online Services box on the right side of the Home page.

I forgot my password. How can I access my account?
Alumni can reset and change their own password through a self-service interface known as TigerNet Account Services.

Information will be sent to the email address designated as "preferred" in the TigerNet system.

Can I change my TigerNet password?
Yes. To change your TigerNet account password, please go to TigerNet Account Services.

What criteria must my password meet?
During the TigerNet registration process, your selected password must meet specific password security rules. To review these rules, please visit the TigerNet Passwords page.

Can I change my TigerNet account NetID?
TigerNet account NetIDs can only be changed for compelling reasons, such as a legal name change or security concerns. If you feel you have a compelling reason to request a NetID change, please email

Can I use my TigerNet account NetID and password to access other alumni-related websites?
Your TigerNet account NetID and password can be used to access the following websites:

TigerNet Online Community Help Desk

24/7 support