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TigerNet discussion groups provide an online forum in which alumni can communicate with each other on a variety of different topics including classes, regions, professional/career, eating clubs and other interests.


How do I find a discussion group on a specific topic?
To find a discussion group on a specific topic, login to TigerNet and click "Discussion Groups." Once in, click “Discussion Groups” in the orange navigation menu, then choose “All Discussion Groups.” 

You then have several options to filter the list of groups by community type (Classes, Cultural, Eating Clubs, Other Interests, Professional/Careers, Regional), or you can sort the list of groups several ways, including alphabetically, by most active, by most posts and by most people.

How do I subscribe to a discussion group?
To subscribe, login to TigerNet and click on "Discussion Groups." Browse through the discussion group categories and select those group(s) of interest. Once on a group page, click the “Join Community” button. You will then be prompted with an option to enter the email address which you wish to affiliate with that group and email delivery options. Complete those, then click to join the group.

Why am I only able to join certain discussion groups?
The creators of certain discussion groups selected to make their groups available by invitation only. For someone to join such a group, that person would need to receive an invitation from a group moderator.

How do I unsubscribe from or leave a discussion group?
To leave a discussion group, login to TigerNet and click "Discussion Groups." Once in, click “Discussion Groups” in the orange navigation menu, then choose “My Discussion Groups.” Click into the group that you would like to leave, then click the Settings button next to the group, then click the “Leave community” link.

To unsubscribe from a group via email, click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a real-time or digest email.

What are some of the features of the TigerNet discussion groups?

  • Discussion group email messages will be formatted as HTML, which will make messages more user-friendly and visually appealing, and provide greater functionality within the messages. For example, in a digest email, it will be possible to reply to individual threads with one click or tap. Also, email messages will render responsively across devices.
  • Full post content will display within daily digests. A list of included threads (along with the number of responses and names of those who posted) will appear at the top of messages, with full text of posts below.
  • You will be able to reply to specific threads from within a digest email.
  • Files included in a post will be included as attachments and will also populate a discussion group’s file library for reference.
  • Discussion group posts will be searchable within the discussion group website.
  • Both the discussion group website and the HTML messages delivered through the system will be mobile friendly/responsive across devices.

How do I post and read messages?
To post and view message on the discussion groups website, login to the Discussion Groups area of TigerNet. Once in, click “Discussion Groups” in the orange navigation menu, then choose “My Discussion Groups.” Click the group name for the group in which you wish to post. If you wish to add a new post, click the “Add” button next to “Latest Discussion Posts.” To view posts, click into the subject of a particular post. To reply to that post, click the “Reply to Discussion” button. 

To post messages via email, either send a new message to a discussion group’s email address, reply to a discussion group post you’ve received via email, or use the links within an email to post a new message or reply to a post.

Can I switch between using discussion groups on email and the web?
Yes, it is possible to switch between the two methods of delivery.

How do I change my discussion group delivery options?
Login to the discussion group area of TigerNet. In the top right, click on the dropdown arrow next to the profile image. This will expand a window. In that window, click Profile. Then, click the My Account tab and choose "Discussion Group Notifications." You will see a list of all the groups to which you belong, with email delivery choices next to each group. Click the ones you wish to change, and those changes will take effect immediately.

At what time are daily digest emails scheduled to deliver?
Daily digest emails are set to deliver at approximately 5:00 p.m. ET.

Can I send attachments with a discussion group post?

When will I receive email messages if I choose the email delivery option?
Email subscribers who subscribe to “Real Time” or “Plain Text” options will receive messages as they are posted. Subscribers who choose “Daily Digest” will receive a batch of group messages every 24 hours.

Is it possible to receive text-only email messages?
Yes. Choose the “Plain Text” option in your email subscriptions.

How can I create or edit my discussion group signature?
Login to the Discussion Groups area of TigerNet. In the top right, click on the dropdown arrow next to the profile image. This will expand a window. In that window, click Profile. Then, click the My Account tab and choose “Discussion Signature.” Type in the information you would like to include, then click “Save.”

I have seen two distinct, main email addresses associated with my discussion group, one begins with “princeton_” and the other begins with “princeton-”. Which email address is accurate?
Both email addresses that are associated with a group can be used interchangeably for sending messages to the group.

When I choose to reply from within a group email I've received, the email address that I am prompted to send to is very long and does not look like the main group email address. Why is this?
The system creates a distinct email address for these replies in order to accurately associate your post with the message to which you are replying.

Who can help me if I have problems using a discussion group?
The moderators of each group can help. Their names and contact information are available on the main page for each discussion group. Go to the Current Members area and click “Show Community Members” to see the moderators’ names.

What is the process for establishing a Discussion Group?
A new discussion group must be distinct from existing discussion groups and must serve a segment of the Princeton alumni community. Discussion groups need two alumni moderators. To establish a new discussion group, please go to the Discussion Group Request Form indicating the proposed group name, purpose of the group, and names and email addresses of the two proposed moderators.

What is the process for terminating a discussion group?
The discussion group list owners/moderators are responsible for making a request to tigernet@princeton.edu in order to terminate a discussion group. In accordance with posted TigerNet policy, Princeton University also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without notice, to cancel a discussion group.

Discussion Group Tips

You can change your preferences for delivery of posts, as well as the email address at which you wish to receive delivery. Discussion group delivery mechanisms include:

Web access only: All message postings are accessed via the Discussion Groups Home page and read online.

Individual email posts: Emails are sent to your discussion group email addresses every time a post is made to the discussion group(s) to which you are subscribed.

Daily digest: A daily digest that displays message postings (titles and complete text) one after the other in one large message for each discussion group to which you are subscribed.

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