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TigerNet's searchable alumni directory allows you to look up fellow Princetonians by performing a variety of customized searches.

The TigerNet Alumni Directory now has expanded search options, including student activities and career information, and is mobile friendly/responsive on all devices.


Who has access to the TigerNet Alumni Directory?
Only alumni and current members of the Princeton University community affiliated with the online services available to alumni have access to TigerNet.

Is TigerNet a secure database?
TigerNet is a secure, password-protected online database owned by Princeton University and serviced through iModules. Authentication is controlled through the TigerNet Authentication System (TAS) on University servers, and the web pages are protected by an SSL Certificate. A verified University affiliation and authenticated login are required to access the information contained in TigerNet. For more information, visit our TAS fact sheet.

How do I look up an alumnus/a?
Once logged into TigerNet, you can do a search using the "Alumni Directory." There are options available that allow you to search by class year, email address, geographical location and more.

Why can't I find an alumnus/a in the directory search?
The search features in TigerNet are sensitive to misspellings, so sometimes less is more. Not all of the fields need to be filled in, so you might want to try putting in partial information, such as the beginning of a last name and the first initial of a first name. NOTE: While all alumni from 1917 onward, for which we have an entry in Alumni Records, are listed with the University, alumni do have the ability to no longer include themselves in TigerNet by hiding their TigerNet profile.

Why is there a limit of 50 profile views per 24 hours?
This is a security measure to prevent the unauthorized use of alumni information. PLEASE NOTE: Class, regional association and affiliated group officers should utilize TigerNet Volunteer Tools to view a complete list of all the members within their particular group.

Are all alumni listed on TigerNet?
While all alumni from 1917 onward, for which we have an entry in Alumni Records, are listed with the University, alumni do have the ability to no longer include themselves in TigerNet by hiding their TigerNet profile.

Where does the information in TigerNet come from?
The base information contained in TigerNet is data originally supplied by the University's Alumni Records. Updates made by alumni in TigerNet, or directly with Alumni Records, are synchronized nightly between Alumni Records and TigerNet.

NOTE: The Nickname field is a field specifically reserved for TigerNet. The information in this field does not come from Alumni Records, nor are your updates to this field in TigerNet sent back to Alumni Records. You will need to contact Alumni Records at alumrecs@princeton.edu to have this information updated in your Alumni Records entry.

How do I manage the information in my profile and upload my photo and resume?
After logging into TigerNet, click on the "My Profile" link to go into your account.

You may upload your photo there, or click the "Manage Account" button. From "My Profile," you can select the "Edit" button to access the information in each category.

How can I control what information is displayed to the community via the TigerNet alumni directory?
The TigerNet alumni directory allows each user to control his or her own privacy settings regarding the display of information through a series of consent boxes on the "Alumni Directory View Preferences" page, which may be accessed through the "My Profile" page (available through the "My Profile" link in the left-hand menu).

On your "My Profile" page click the "Manage Account" button, find the section you would like to update and click the "Edit" button. Then click the "Show/Hide" buttons next to each field to select whether that information should be visible on your profile.

NOTE: Before leaving the Edit page, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save" button there for the Hide/Unhide changes to take effect.

You may view your record as other may see it anytime by going back to your "My Profile" page and clicking the "Community Profile" button.

I have changed my last name. How do I update my record with this information? Will fellow alumni be able to search and find my entry under my old and/or new last name?
You can update this information in your TigerNet Profile or you can contact Alumni Records at alumrecs@princeton.edu. And yes, the last name search will allow fellow alumni to search through birth name, current last name and middle name to find you.

Are changes made to My TigerNet Profile reflected in Alumni Records?
All changes made in TigerNet, with the exception of the Nickname field, will be included in your Alumni Records entry. To have your nickname updated in your Alumni Records entry, you will need to contact Alumni Records at alumrecs@princeton.edu.

Alumni Directory Tips

Find Friends Fastest with the alumni directory search: The alumni directory search allows you to find people based on the most basic information, like class year and name.

Not sure how to spell your friend's new last name? Use just the first few letters in the first and last name field to return the greatest number of results.

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