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Princeton provides two distinct services for alumni email.

1. For all alumni: Full email accounts through Gmail, using the @alumni.princeton.edu email address. All alumni are eligible to establish an @alumni.princeton.edu full Gmail account or have their existing @alumni.princeton.edu email forwarding address transitioned to a full Gmail account. You will have access to email storage in a Gmail inbox, the ability to send messages from your @alumni.princeton.edu, the option to reroute messages to a different email address and access to other Google Apps such as Google Drive and Hangouts.

2. For any alumni that had established @alumni.princeton.edu addresses prior to January 2016: A University-created email forwarding platform to maintain the functionality of @alumni.princeton.edu addresses established prior to January 2016. This solution was developed by Princeton, is run on Princeton servers, and is not tied to Google or any other email provider. No new @alumni.princeton.edu addresses will be created in this space.


When will Princeton Gmail be available to alumni?
Princeton Gmail is available for all alumni.

How do I elect to move to Gmail?
Whether you already have an @alumni.princeton.edu address or would like to create one, complete the request form.

I have an @alumni.princeton.edu email address. Will I be able to keep that for Princeton Gmail?
Yes. The @alumni.princeton.edu address will remain the same for anyone who chooses to switch to a Princeton Gmail address.

Can I change my @alumni.princeton.edu email address?
@alumni.princeton.edu email addresses can only be changed for a compelling reason such as a legal name change or security concern. Change requests should be sent to the TigerNet Help Desk at tigernet@princeton.edu.

I don’t currently have an @alumni.princeton.edu address. Will I be able to sign up for a new email address?
You can create a new @alumni.princeton.edu address by completing the request form, but that email address will only be available for use with Princeton Gmail.

Is email forwarding going away?
No. The University will provide and support both the email forwarding service for email forwarding users that established their @alumni.princeton.edu addresses prior to January 2016, and the Gmail service for those who elect to use that service.

Do I need to switch a Princeton Gmail account?
Alumni who established their @alumni.princeton.edu addresses prior to January 2016 do not need to switch to Gmail. 

What are the differences between Princeton email forwarding addresses and Princeton Gmail accounts?
Email forwarding allows alumni to have an @alumni.princeton.edu address that simply forwards messages along to another "destination”"email address. Messages are not stored anywhere, and messages cannot be sent from the email address. And, there is no “account” to log in to. Princeton Gmail is a full email account that requires login to access. Messages can be sent from the email address. Messages received will store in an inbox. Users can maintain a list of contacts. Users also have the option to set up rerouting, a type of email forwarding that is more secure and reliable.

Why is the University switching from a vendor-supported email forwarding system to an internal email forwarding system?
Harris Connect, the vendor that currently provides our TigerNet solutions (including alumni email forwarding), was acquired by its competitor, iModules. As part of this acquisition, the Harris Connect platform will no longer exist after February 2016. The acquisition and subsequent plan to phase out Harris Connect put the University in a position to explore new online community solutions. With no single vendor offering all of the services that were available from Harris Connect, the University chose a combination of vendor and internal services to power new TigerNet.

Why is the University offering both email forwarding and Gmail?
The University wishes to provide continuity of service for those using alumni email addresses, but also wishes to provide additional email services that many alumni have been interested in — and that may also eliminate some of the frustrations that alumni have faced with email forwarding technology.

The email forwarding service in its current iteration is not reflective of what we wish to provide alumni — between the inability to send messages from a Princeton alumni email address to issues with delivery delays to the volume of spam — all largely the results of significant policy changes made in the email industry. In the face of continuing issues related to security and integrity, we know that email forwarding has been the cause of considerable frustration for some alumni. But we also know that many alumni like having this service, and as a result we are attempting to retain it to the best of our ability, though we are still at the mercy of email forwarding technology limitations and industry changes.

We wanted to also provide a tool that eliminates concerns related to reliability, and we determined that full email accounts would do that — while providing additional functionality that alumni have sought from their alumni email address.

Having the new in-house email forwarding system in place alongside the Princeton Gmail service will provide an opportunity for alumni email address holders to choose the service with which they feel most comfortable — and make that choice when they are ready to switch services.

Does the University have an agreement with Google?
The University has an agreement with Google that allows us to participate in the "Google Apps For Education" program. Princeton collaborated with a number of institutions of higher education to negotiate this agreement in 2012.

What is Google Apps For Education?
Google Apps for Education is a platform of productivity tools available to educational institutions. Gmail is one of the tools available through this suite of tools.  For more information, see:

How are privacy issues addressed in Google Apps for Education? 
For a list of frequently asked questions regarding Google’s privacy policy with regard to Google Apps for Education, see: https://edu.google.com/k-12-solutions/privacy-security/.FAQs of interest within this link include:

  • Is Google using my data?
  • Does Google use my organization’s data in Google Apps for Education for advertising purposes?
  • What kind of data scanning or indexing of end-user data is done?

Will there be ads in Princeton Gmail?
No ads appear in the Google Apps for Education instance of Gmail.

Is anyone else at the University using Google for email?
Yes. Undergraduate student email is powered by Gmail, and it is used in a similar manner in which alumni email will be used.

Will other Google apps be made available to alumni?
Yes. In addition to Gmail, alumni will be able to use Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, Photos, Google+ and YouTube.

Will I be able to send messages from my @alumni.princeton.edu in the new email forwarding service?
Most likely you will not be able to, as many of the major email service providers (the ones likely to be associated with your "destination" email address) have stopped allowing this functionality.

Will I be able to send messages from my @alumni.princeton.edu Princeton Gmail account?

Will messages I receive be stored in the Princeton Gmail account?
If you elect to have a Princeton Gmail account, then yes. If you continue to use email forwarding, your messages will be delivered to the "destination" email address you have on record and messages will not be stored on any University servers.

What is the mailbox storage limit for Princeton Gmail?
The current quota is 1 terabyte (TB).

What login credentials will I use to access Princeton Gmail?
@alumni.princeton.edu holders who switch to Princeton Gmail will use their @alumni.princeton.edu address with a unique password, distinct from their TigerNet login.

Can I close out my alumni email address?
Yes. If you no longer wish to have an alumni email address, please contact the TigerNet Help Desk at tigernet@princeton.edu or call 609-258-1542.

Email Services Tips

If you are using email forwarding: Due to the very nature of email forwarding – that messages are being sent with domains that do not match their sending servers – we recommend, as a best practice, using an email address other than your @alumni.princeton.edu email forwarding address as your primary email address as is it unclear how future changes in email policy will continue to affect email forwarding services.

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