TigerNet Policy

TigerNet is a set of online services created to further communication among alumni and students of Princeton University. TigerNet is owned and operated by The Trustees of Princeton University.

Princeton prizes the diversity of viewpoints fostered by academic institutions and is steadfast in its commitment to freedom of expression, encouraging the free exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Consistent with the principles expressed in Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities published by the University, TigerNet is intended to foster a diversity of perspectives in a climate of civility and mutual respect. This requires respect for others' viewpoints and individuality and obligates all users of these services to exercise discretion and maintain civility in their communications on TigerNet.

To that end, all those individuals utilizing TigerNet agree not to engage in abusive, harassing, threatening or hostile communications that demean, intimidate or result in injury to another individual because of personal characteristics or beliefs, particularly those including, but not limited to, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability or handicap.

Certain uses of TigerNet are inconsistent with the purposes for which it was created. Such uses include, but are not limited to, those that: 1) are illegal or fraudulent; 2) inaccurately imply endorsement, approval or sponsorship by Princeton University or any office of the University; or 3) involve mass distributions for any personal, commercial (e.g., ads or spamming) or political activity. Not condoning censorship, Princeton cannot protect individuals against the existence or receipt of materials that may be offensive to them. However, if Princeton believes, in its sole discretion, that a user’s participation in TigerNet creates liability for Princeton or violates the guidelines set forth here, Princeton reserves the right to take any and all actions it deems necessary and appropriate including, but not limited to: deleting a posting, limiting or denying a user's access to TigerNet, or canceling a discussion group.

Princeton University reserves the right to discontinue any and all services at any time or to unilaterally revise the terms of this policy without advance notice. Use of TigerNet constitutes your agreement to abide by these regulations.

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