The Ad Hoc Committee on Alumnae Initiatives was created by The Alumni Council to support the interests and activities of Princeton women. We are in part a legacy of She Roars, the first alumnae conference, which generated energetic alumnae volunteer activity. In addition, we are inspired by the focus on leadership among Princeton women that resulted from the 2011 Report of the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership.

We are eager to hear more about how Princeton alumnae would like to connect and interact.

For more information about the committee or to learn how to participate, contact Susan Horner ’86 S79 P20.

Committee Leadership

Susan Katzmann Horner '86, Chair

Maureen Crough '83, Vice Chair


Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed *02

Elizabeth Balthrop '01

Victoria McElhaney Benedict '91

Lauren D. Fox '85

Diane Hasling '79

Carol L. Hasson '76

Patricia S. Li '08

Nalini K. Pande '93

Emily Lewis Penn '77  

Jane C. Shidler '96

Jill Steinberg '85

Vippy Wong '04

Lara Yuan '10

Linda Jeo Zerba '92

Emily Latham, Staff Liaison