The Class Affairs Committee's mission is to support class officers in building class community, as well as to serve as a liaison between classes and the University. We work closely with the Alumni Association staff and class officers to provide useful resources to class leadership — including the Class Officer's Handbook, the ClassExchange newsletter, necessary University forms and important links. The Chair of the Class Affairs Committee is an ex-officio member of the board of the PAW and represents class interests through his or her position on the board.

Committee Leadership

Adam E. Lichtenstein '95*10, Chair

John R. Nealon '77, Vice Chair


Courtney Everson '03 (2019)

Isabella Gomes '16 (2019)

Valerie L. Kelly, Esq. '84 (2020)

Vijay Ramachandran '00 (2020)

Jason Ray '14 S14 (2020)

James F. Robinson '72 (2019)

Mary Jo Sisk '98 (2019)

Duncan P. Van Dusen '92 h72 (2020)

Nicholas J. DeVito, Princeton Alumni Weekly

Nancy MacMillan, Princeton Alumni Weekly

Dottie Werner Bartolino, Staff Liaison

Cathy Phillips, Staff Liaison