Speaker’s Bureau Information for Faculty Members, Administrators and Coaches

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Speaker’s Bureau Information for Faculty Members, Administrators and Coaches


Speakers can present on a variety of topics, including their scholarly pursuits; courses offered; new publications; interactions with students; the inner-workings of the University; and the student-athlete experience.

Types of Events and Locations

Alumni volunteers request speakers for dinners, Princeton student admittance celebrations, Princeton Prize in Race Relations events and other programs. Presentations last 30-45 minutes, and speakers participate in Q&A sessions afterwards. Events take place around the country and abroad (non-U.S. programs coincide with speakers’ existing travel plans to those countries).

Travel Guidelines

The Alumni Engagement office can arrange travel and covers door-to-door transportation to and from the event, one night hotel accommodations, and meals and incidental business expenses while conducting University business. If speakers need to stay longer in a location for personal reasons, the office can help facilitate that with tickets that match travel needs. All members of the Speakers Bureau are encouraged to obtain a University Travel & Expense Card which will allow the Alumni Engagement office to easily arrange your travel, create your expense report and reimburse you for your alumni event-related charges.

We appreciate your support of our regional alumni associations and clubs by offering to travel on behalf of Alumni Engagement. To help ensure a successful trip, please take a few minutes to read these travel guidelines. Generally speaking, the University relies on the discretion and the good will of the traveler to use the same care in budgeting for University travel as would be used in budgeting for personal travel.

Please Note: The Alumni Engagement office adheres strictly to the policies and guidelines of the University in regard to university travel.

  1. Please use your Princeton University T&E credit card for all official trip-related expenses.
  2. You are required to save any original receipts for airfare, hotel accommodations, rental vehicles and meals GREATER than $50.00 USD. (Note: Travelers should confine meals to moderately priced, rather than luxury restaurants.)
  3. When using a rental car through Avis, Hertz or Enterprise, please remember to decline the collision damage waiver and personal liability insurance. The University has insurance coverage for these areas built into the cost of the rental vehicle when the rental is booked using Concur or Carlson Wagonlit. If a traveler accepts these options it will be their responsibility to pay for them. If a traveler is extending their trip for personal reasons or booking a rental car through a different car agency, it is recommended that you purchase the insurance package as you see fit. In the event of an accident, please notify the rental car agency as well as Princeton’s Office of Risk Management at 609-258-3046.
  4. Personal expenses such as laundry, personal phone calls (beyond one phone call home per day), flight insurance, entertainment, etc. are not necessary travel expenditures and cannot be expensed.
  5. At the conclusion of your trip, please scan and email all receipts over $50.00 USD to Ann Healy Guarnaccia at annbg@princeton.edu.
  6. The Alumni Engagement office will prepare your expense report in Concur at the end of your trip. In order to provide this service for our travelers, we first need you to designate Ann Healy Guarnaccia as your "Expense Delegate" in Concur. Please complete the following steps to designate Ann as your expense delegate:
    • Log into Concur (www.princeton.edu/concur)
    • Go to the Profile tab in the upper right corner and click on “Profile Settings.”
    • In the options for your profile on the left of the screen, select “Expense Delegates.”
    • Click the Add button and search for “Ann Healy Guarnaccia.”
    • Add Ann and select the checkboxes for “Can Prepare,” “Can View Receipts” and “Receives Approval Emails.” Be sure to Save before you close the window!
    • Once your expenses are reconciled (generally 4-6 weeks after travel), please remove Ann as an expense delegate. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ann Healy Guarnaccia at annbg@princeton.edu or 609-258-7305. Thank you for traveling and best wishes for a safe and pleasant journey!

Other Alumni Education Opportunities

Interested in other ways to get involved with Alumni Education? See the variety of programs we offer below and let us know which appeal to you most.

On-campus programs:

Alumni Day Lectures, Reunions Alumni-Faculty Forums, Alumni Conferences and Fall Football Lectures.

Off-campus events in regions around the U.S. and abroad:

University Speakers Bureau and Princeton Journeys.

Online programs:

Moderated discussions, webinars, Online Lectures.