Volunteer Opportunities with Classes and Reunions

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Volunteer Opportunities with Classes and Reunions

Get Involved with Your Class

Visit your class website or contact your class officers (login required) to learn how you can volunteer with your class. For additional questions, contact the Class Affairs team.

Find Your Class Officers


Class Officer Roles

As a class officer, you are the public face of your class, and your primary responsibilities are to the class and the University. Class officers are elected by their classmates to serve for five years, which is the major reunion cycle.

Four elected class officers:

  • President: The president is primarily responsible for promoting class unity and spirit, and administering class business. The president is often the main link between the class, the alumni body at large, and the University. As such, the president must be willing to take on the job and tackle the work with enthusiasm and dedication. 
  • Vice-President: Classes typically depend on the vice president to lead regional and ongoing activities for the class, a role that combines creativity with organizational skills. 
  • Secretary: The class secretary should have a flair for writing, be organized in the collection of information, and be in touch with as many classmates as possible.
  • Treasurer: The financial health of a class affects its vitality and spirit. The treasurer should do everything possible to see that the class is financially sound. 

Non-elected class officers include:

  • Reunion Chair(s)
  • Regional Vice President(s)
  • Social Media Chair
  • Technology Chair
  • Community Service Chair(s)
  • Historian or Memorialist
  • Class Agents for Annual Giving
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Graduate Alumni

Princetonians take great pride in their University and give back in a myriad of ways — be a part of the tradition!

Join fellow graduate alumni around the world and become an active volunteer for Princeton. Get involved with activities in your region, join one of our Reunions subcommittees, help raise funds to support graduate education or get involved with the APGA!

Visit the APGA Website

Reunions Volunteer Opportunities

Organizing your next reunion is a great way to connect with your class and can be a fun and rewarding experience. Many opportunities exist to contribute your time and talents to planning Reunions. Contact your reunion chair(s) or class officers (login required) to learn more.

Find Your Class Officers