Princeton alumni can maintain their ties to the University by affiliation: gender, ethnicity or a particular interest. Like the Regional Associations, these groups actively organize programs for socializing, networking, and community service.

Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P)

A4P supports the community of Asian American Princeton alumni by advancing Asian-American and Asian issues in student life, University affairs, personal and professional development, and community service.

Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA)

ABPA engages in activities and programs that strengthen relationships among black alumni and between black Princetonians and the broader University community, by facilitating the mutual sharing of resources.

Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA)

ALPA supports Latino Princeton alumni through networking, mentoring and mutual support by advancing Latino issues in University affairs, personal and professional development, and public service.

Fund for Reunion / Princeton Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Alumni (BTGALA)

FFR/Princeton BTGALA is devoted to improving the on-campus quality of life for bisexual, transgender, gay and lesbian Princetonians and strengthening LGBT alumni ties with each other and with the greater University community.


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