Data Science

Nighttime space and horizon

Venture Forward: Data Science

To a day when data science and artificial intelligence can balance an exponential leap in knowledge with the preservation of individual privacy and promotion of social equity.

Nighttime space and horizon

Solving Complex Problems

Data science harnesses advanced algorithms for analyzing massive troves of information to derive breakthrough insights. New computational tools are crucial to solving problems in biology, the environment, materials science, communications, security, social sciences and many other areas.


“Data science is really transforming everything that we do. That’s possible by bringing together foundational work in methods for extracting wisdom out of data and also having a sensibility to understand the societal implications of the work that we’re doing.”

— Jen Rexford ’91, Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor in Engineering, chair and professor of computer science

Data Science

Princeton University is using data to find new solutions for complex societal problems. 

Mimi Onuoha smiling, sitting in front of some of her art projects.

Mimi Onuoha ’11 shines a light into the invisible margins of data

An open book with zeroes and ones printed on the page

‘Deep learning’ at Princeton’s Graduate School

DataX banner with faculty faces

DataX is funding new AI research projects at Princeton, across disciplines

Princeton professor with elephant

Princeton scientists identify genes behind tusklessness in African elephants facing poaching pressure