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From the moment you receive that acceptance letter as a high school senior to your revered position in the P-rade as a member of the Old Guard, your class is your primary affiliation with the University. From Alumni Day and Reunions to class gatherings, service projects, local dinners and mini-reunions, your class provides countless opportunities to connect with the University and with your classmates.

Class of 2018

Welcome, 2018 Class Officers!
Pictured clockwise above are Jeremy Burton, Vice President; Anyssa Chebbi, President; Victoria Scott, Treasurer and Kat Giordano, Secretary


Reunions weekend attracts almost 25,000 alumni, family and friends for walks, talks, community service projects, Alumni-Faculty Forums, picnics, parties, concerts, dancing, meeting old friends, making new ones and, of course, marching in the One and Only P-rade!


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