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August 17 - August 28, 2023

Discover Mongolia

Julian Dierkes *03, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia

Julian Dierkes is a German-Canadian sociologist who focuses his research on Japan and Mongolia. His research on contemporary Mongolia has particularly concentrated on democratization and political development, and on mining governance. Over his years of involvement with Mongolia, Professor Dierkes has developed a generalist’s understanding of many aspects of that country’s development and he has contributed to various training, consulting and development activities with Mongolian and international partners. On this journey, Professor Dierkes will share his understanding of Mongolia’s current developments and some of the challenges its democracy is facing, as well as how to promote equitable and sustainable growth drawing on natural resources. He will also talk about the challenge that Mongolia’s geopolitical situation — wedged between China and Russia — poses.

About the Journey

Mongolia’s endless grassland and desert steppe make a dramatic backdrop for the tiny round gers of lone nomadic families. Buddhist monasteries mark the vague tracks across the steppe, and the annual national festival, Naadam, still showcases nomadic skills. This inspired itinerary will venture deep into nomadic Mongolian culture and communities.

Begin with an exploration of monasteries and traditional arts in Ulaanbaatar, the political and cultural heart of Mongolia. Then venture overland to Kara Korum, Genghis Khan’s capital. This UNESCO-listed 13th-century city served as the seat of power for an empire that stretched across two continents, and at its zenith was visited by delegations from all over the world. Spend four nights at Mongolia’s premier eco-lodge, Three Camel Lodge and Ger Camp in the South Gobi Desert. Experience a local county Naadam Festival which showcases Mongolia's best in wrestling, horse racing, and traditional sports, before returning to the capital to witness the rich musical tradition of Khoomei Throat-Singing. Our journey includes expert local guides and a rich academic program.

About the Accommodations

Shangri-La Hotel, UlaanBaatar
For the utmost luxury Ulaanbaatar has to offer there is no option better than the Shangri-La Hotel situated in the heart of the city center.

Three Camel Lodge, South Gobi
Three Camel Lodge is the gold standard by which all other ger camps are measured. Each of the lodge’s exquisitely designed gers (yurts) open right onto the Gobi Desert, where horses roam in the distance.

Munkh Tenger Ger Camp, Kara Korum
Munkh Tenger Ger Camp is a traditional Mongolian camp and a popular base for exploring the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire and the Orkhon Valley.


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