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Princeton University Speakers Bureau

Your regional association may request a University speaker for your regional association event. Faculty, administrators and athletic coaches travel to locations all over the country and the world to give talks to alumni, to help them stay connected to the intellectual life of the University.

Recent Speakers Bureaus events include:

  • Charles Barnwell Straut Class of 1923 Professor of English; Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Maria DiBattista, delivered the lecture "Funny Business: How Vintage American Comedy Responded to the Great Depression" to the Princeton Alumni Association of New Hampshire, June, 2019
  • Football Head Coach, Bob Surace, delivered the lecture, "Princeton Football and Being a Tiger," to the Princeton Club of Saint Lewis, May 2019
  • Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering; Director, Program in Transportation, Alain Kornhauser, delivered the lecture "One View of SmartDrivingCars" to the Princeton Club of Michigan, May, 2019
  • Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Alan Mann, delivered the lecture "The Anthropology of Food” to the Princeton Club of Rochester, April, 2019
  • Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs; Head of Mathey College, Stacey Sinclair, discussed "How Group Interactions both Perpetuate and Reduce Stereotypes and Prejudice" with the Princeton Alumni Association of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, March, 2019
  • Lecturer in Public Affairs and Director, State Health and Value Strategies (SHVS), Heather Howard, delivered the lecture "What's Next in Health Care: The Uncertain Future of the Affordable Care Act" to the Princeton Club of South Florida, January, 2019
  • Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Molecular Biology, Yibin Kang, delivered the lecture "Crystal Ball and Magic Bullets: Princeton's Contributions to the War on Cancer" to the Princeton Club of Hong Kong, December, 2018
  • Professor of History, Martha Sandweiss, discussed the "Princeton and Slavery Project" with the Princeton Club of Southern California, November, 2018
  • Emeritus Professor of Astrophysical Sciences, J. Richard Gott III, delivered the lecture "Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time" to the Princeton Alumni Association of Canada, Toronto Chapter, October, 2018
  • Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies; Professor of History and International Affairs, Harold James, delivered the lecture "Questions about Brexit?" to the Princeton Association of Virginia, October, 2018
  • Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Jacob Shapiro, spoke about his latest book, "Small Wars, Big Data: The Information Revolution in Modern Conflict," to the Princeton Club of Georgia, October, 2018

Regional association and affiliated group officers may request a speaker by submitting the Speakers Bureau Request Form. TigerNet login required

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Questions about the Speaker's Bureau Program? Refer to our Speaker's Bureau FAQ.

Information for University Speakers

Faculty members, administrators and coaches are invited to help our campus reach the broader Princeton community.