Ad Hoc Committee on International Alumni Engagement

The Ad Hoc Committee on International Alumni Engagement will explore the unique ways in which alumni living abroad connect with one another and with the University, and use those findings in collaboration with existing committees and affiliated groups to help international regional associations strengthen alumni engagement in their respective regions.

Alumni members of the Princeton Club of Japan.

Committee priorities include:

  • Schedule future committee meeting(s), determine agendas and assign tasks
  • Further discussion and consideration of a focus group approach — identifying a diverse group of participants and developing questions that could yield insights we can use to meet our mission
  • Committee assignments for liaisons with other Alumni Council committees and existing infrastructures to inform our work and to discuss potential opportunities for partnership
  • Follow-up conversations with campus administrators to discuss how we could better capitalize on opportunities to engage alumni living abroad
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for alumni to engage, no matter where they live
  • Make actionable recommendations for future committees/volunteers to implement

Committee Members and Leadership