Deb Yu and Camilla Norman Field accept their Annual Giving award

Deb Yu ’98 and Camilla Norman Field ’98. Photo by Kevin Birch

Annual Giving

Annual Giving volunteers honored for service

by Beth Perrino
March 6, 2024

On Friday, Feb. 23, more than 125 alumni Annual Giving volunteers gathered in the Mathey College Common Room for a dinner to celebrate the success of the 2022-23 campaign. During the evening, Annual Giving Chair Chris Olofson ’92 presented several distinguished achievement awards to the leaders of last year’s campaign — which raised the third highest total in University history — and thanked Princeton alumni and parent volunteers for their efforts, dedication and spirit.

“It is wonderful to gather together this evening to celebrate volunteerism in Annual Giving and the tremendous difference it makes [at Princeton] every year,” said Olofson. “I am delighted to recognize some of the most special accomplishments of the past season.” 

2022-23 Annual Giving Volunteer Achievement Awards 

The Harold H. Helm ’20 Distinguished Service Award, recognizing “exemplary and sustained service to Annual Giving,” was presented to Jennifer Jacoby Hurd ’93. 

The Class of 1960 Award for the highest percentage of participation among the youngest 10 classes was presented to the Class of 2013 for reaching 46% participation. The class was led by class agents Katherine Gregory, Brittany Robb and Wonpyo Yun. 

The Class of 1931 Ricardo A. Mestres Memorial Award recognizes participation in two additional groups of classes. For the highest participation among classes 11 to 50 years out, one award was presented to the Class of 1998 with 66.1% participation. The class was led by class agents Camilla Norman Field and Deb Yu. The Class of 1963 earned the other Mestres Award for achieving the highest participation in Annual Giving among classes 51 or more years post-graduation with 75.5%. The class was led by class agent Bob Eisenstadt. 

The Class of 1939 Award recognizes the non-major reunion class that raises the highest dollar amount. The award for 2022-23 went to the Class of 1992, which raised $907,016. The class was led by class agents Becky Betts, Mary Kelleher, Ted Polubinski and Matt Tarkenton. 

The Class of 1926 Trophy is awarded to the class that raises the largest sum of money each year. The award this year went to the Class of 1998, which raised $9,321,998, its highest total ever, in celebration of its 25th Reunion. The class was led by class agents Camilla Norman Field and Deb Yu; critical few chairs Temp Keller, Chris Halpin and Camilla Norman Field; special gifts chairs Julie Kaufmann Karen, Dan Sarles, Ryan Shadrick Wilson and Ajay Shroff; and participation chairs Evan Fieldston, Jared Serwer and Christine Willand. 

The Jim Lebenthal ’49 Young Alumni Service Award, which recognizes two alumni from the most recent 10 classes who exemplify “true Tiger spirit, enthusiasm and creativity,” was presented to Carolyn Liziewski ’18 and Sam Heffernan ’14.