Communications and Technology Committee

CAT's mission is to ensure that all alumni have the most fruitful, productive and effective means to communicate with the university, alumni organizations, other alumni and current undergraduates. CAT will be analyzing the ways in which alumni and alumni groups currently communicate with an eye towards the use of technology in communications. CAT will advise the Alumni Council committees and other alumni groups, when appropriate, of technical tools and communications strategies that will enhance their current efforts. CAT will collect, create and organize best practices and will provide insights on the evolving world of communications and technologies that can enhance the work of committees and alumni organizations to help them serve the alumni community better. CAT will seek to bolster the storytelling capabilities of our alumni organizations and also allow individual alumni to share their stories to the greater community to foster inclusivity, curiosity, camaraderie, and discovery. 

Specific areas of focus for the year will be:

  • TigerNet
  • Social media
  • Newsletters and websites
  • Committee communication tools
  • Surveys
  • Audio & visual storytelling — i.e. podcasts & instagram TV or YouTube

Committee Leadership

Jessica Davidoff ′04, Chair

Rishi Jaitly ′04, Vice Chair


Stephanie Freeth ′97 S95

Michael Lin ′13

Mary Newburn ′97

Josh Rafner ′77

Jenna Rodrigues ′14

Rebecca Shaughnessy 15

Leda Kopach, Staff Liaison

Nicole Fischer, Staff Liaison

Stephanie Rosenbluth, Staff Liaison