Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Council, acting on behalf of the Alumni Council when it is not in session, is responsible for the governance of the broader Alumni Association of Princeton University. This board, which meets three times annually, is composed of:

  • The chair, vice chair, treasurer and assistant treasurer of the Alumni Council.
  • The chairs and vice chairs of the seven standing committees, the chair and vice chair of The Princeton Prize in Race Relations, the chairs of the special and ad hoc committees, and the chair of the Princeton Women’s Network Advisory Council.
  • Ten elected regional association officers and eight elected class officers.
  • The president and five representatives of the Association of Princeton Graduate alumni.
  • Two alumni currently serving as members of the Princeton University faculty.
  • Ten appointed members at large.
  • The presidents of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA), Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA), the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P) and Fund for Reunion/Princeton BTGALA.
  • The President of the Senior Class, an additional undergraduate representative and a graduate student representative.
  • The Chairs of the Annual Giving Committee, the Graduate Inter-Club Council and the Board of Editorial Direction of the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

View full list of Alumni Council Executive Committee members [PDF]

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.If you are interested in recommending Princeton alumni volunteers for consideration for appointment or election to the Executive Committee, please contact one of the officers on the right. We look forward to hearing from you!

Committee Leadership

Richard J. Holland '96, Chair

Mary J. Newburn '97, Vice Chair

Maria Carreras Kourepenos '85, Treasurer

Juan E. Goytia '00, Assistant Treasurer

2020-2021 Executive Committee Meetings

Fall Meeting
September 11, 2020

Winter Meeting
January 8, 2021

Spring Meeting 

Alumni Council Annual Meeting and Lunch