Princetoniana Committee

The Alumni Council formed the Princetoniana Committee shortly after the death of Frederick E. Fox ’39 in 1981. In his final annual report as Keeper of Princetoniana, Fox wrote that his position had "particular responsibility for the legends, songs and symbols of the university." Fox added, "Someday, there will be another Keeper of Princetoniana. There has to be. As long as there is a Princeton, there will be proud keepers of it." In essence, that is the function of the Princetoniana Committee.

We work with the Archives to collect and track things and memories, and we seek to find opportunities to interact with alumni and the public to share the culture and traditions of Old Nassau. The members of the committee share a deep affection for Princeton, and the hope that keeping her traditions will sustain her alumni as individuals, and link Princetonians in a community of affection that bridges the generations.

Princetoniana Website

Historic photo of Blair Arch

Learn more about Princeton's campus traditions, history and lore.

Princetoniana website

View a tribute to Bob Rodgers ’56

Princetoniana Museum

Reunions jackets

The Princetoniana Museum operates under the auspices of the Princetoniana Committee of the Alumni Council and offers virtual exhibitions of Princeton artifacts.

Princetoniana Museum

Princeton Matters Discussion Group

Historic items from Reunions

Alumni, faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in this TigerNet Discussion Group devoted to sharing information, opinions, advice, praise and even some occasional consternation about Princeton matters.

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Take It or Leave It Tent at Reunions

Reunions Take it or Leave it Tent

The "Take it or Leave It" tent will be available for perusing the array of orange and black items any time from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday of Reunions.

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Committee Leadership

Frank Derby ’84, Chair

Jean Hendry *80, Vice Chair


Dan Abramowicz *84
Jennifer Daniels ’93
Nick Fernandez ’18 
Todd Gilman ’20
Debbie Godfrey *84
Julio Gomez ’82  
Gary King ’79
Robert Waldemar Koehn ’94
Gregg Lange ’70 
Bruce Leslie '66 
Josh Libresco ’76
Dan Linke, University Archivist
Dan Lopresti *87
Dennis Matthies *70 *74
Marina Mitchell *98
Sev Onyshkevych ’83 
Katie Panskyy ’17
Beverly Randez ’94
Sue Rodgers W56 
Martin Schell ’74 
Richard Smith
Tom Swift ’76
Bambi Tsui ’09 
Kristin Vassallo ’97
John Wriedt ’85

Mibs Southerland K26, Staff Liaison

Ann Healy Guarnaccia K54, Staff Liaison