The long and proud tradition of Princeton Reunions goes back to the 18th century. We volunteer to give support to classes in planning and running a reunion and act as liaisons between classes and the University. We work closely with the Alumni Association Staff to clarify operating requirements and procedures, as well as to monitor and evaluate policies and guidelines.


Reunions weekend attracts nearly 20,000 alumni, family and friends for walks, talks, community service projects, Alumni-Faculty Forums, picnics, parties, concerts, dancing, meeting old friends, making new ones and, of course, marching in the One and Only P-rade!


P-rade Marshals

Princeton alumni who serve as P-rade Marshals have a long history of coming back and giving back to Old Nassau. The Marshals are dedicated volunteers who keep the P-rade running and making sure that everyone has a wonderful experience. If you are a Princeton alum interested in serving as a P-rade Marshal, please contact Heather Butts ’94, P-rade Grand Marshal, for more details.

Take It or Leave It Tent at Reunions

The "Take it or Leave It" tent will be available for perusing the array of orange and black items any time from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday of Reunions.

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Reunions History

No other institution welcomes all of its alumni and their families back for reunions on a yearly basis with the style and fanfare that is uniquely Princeton.

Reunions History

Committee Leadership

Ita Ekpoudom '03, Chair

Jackie Thomas Foster '09, Vice Chair


Heather Butts ’94, P-rade Grand Marshal

Jim Bailey ’88

Shari Bloom Stout ’87

Dave Bocian ’92

Anne Capra ’76

Soojeong Chi ’13 

Lizzy Drumm ’11

Jane Farrington *13

Jack Hittson ’71

Liz Johnson *14

Bob Mayer ’67

Travis McNamara ’12

Tom McPartland ’97

Mike Ott ’07

Nancy Teaff ’73

Jeff Vinikoor ’03

Paul Wampler ’92

Kimberly Collins, Staff Liaison

Mibs Southerland K26, Staff Liaison