Volunteer Opportunities for Affinity Groups

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Volunteer Opportunities for Affinity Groups

Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P)

A4P supports the community of Asian American and Asian Princeton alumni by advancing Asian American and Asian issues in student life, University affairs, personal and professional development and community service. At a national level A4P has a Board of Governors and many standing committees. Regional leaders help to plan events and liaise with the regional association.

For more information contact: a4ptiger@gmail.com

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Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA)

ABPA engages in activities and programs that strengthen relationships among Black alumni and between Black Princetonians and the broader University community by facilitating the mutual sharing of resources. ABPA seeks involvement from alumni in a variety of ways. Alumni can nominate themselves or others to serve on the national board, which plans and implements programs and events to engage Black alumni. Alumni can also volunteer to serve on the board committees or be a regional chapter leader.

For more information contact: princetonabpa@gmail.com

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Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA)

The Association of Latino Princeton Alumni's mission is to advance the interests, welfare and educational aims of the University through the promotion and advancement of the interests and welfare of its Latino alumni and Latino students at the University. ALPA has a national board with a variety of committees through which alumni can engage.

For more information contact: alpa.princeton@gmail.com

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Fund for Reunion/Princeton Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Alumni (BTGALA)

FFR/Princeton BTGALA is devoted to improving the on-campus quality of life for bisexual, transgender, gay and lesbian Princetonians and strengthening LGBT alumni ties with each other and with the greater University community.

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Native Alumni of Princeton (NAP)

The mission of the Native Alumni of Princeton (NAP) is to support and strengthen the community of Princeton Native alumni, both with each other and with the University, by providing opportunities for connection and engagement, stimulating discussions and programs, personal and professional development, community service, and serving as a thought leader in Native initiatives.

For more information contact: yolandra@alumni.princeton.edu

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Princeton Veterans Alumni Association (PVETS)

The Princeton Veterans Alumni Association is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization comprised of members of the Princeton community, including alumni, students, faculty and staff, who have served, are currently serving, or are in training for service in the Armed Forces of the United States or its allies, and their supporters and family. PVETS has a national board that seeks to promote the interests of its members.

Princeton Women’s Network (PWN)

The Princeton Women’s Network connects alumnae and non-binary alumni on issues and interests that matter personally and professionally through a host of engaging activities. Regional chapter chairs help to plan events and engage with their local regional association.

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