Princeton Alumni in Antarctica
Arctic Winter Sea
December 07 - December 19, 2022

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

John Higgins, Associate Professor of Geosciences

Professor Higgins has led multiple expeditions to East Antarctica to discover what are, to date,
the oldest pristine samples of Earth’s ancient atmosphere from ice cores. These ice cores
provide an unprecedented window into a period when Earth was 2-3˚C warmer and sea level
was ~10 meters higher than present and contain important lessons for understanding how
Earth's climate may change in the coming century. More broadly, Professor Higgins studies the
history of Earth's climate and biosphere using high-precision measurements of the chemical and
isotopic composition of sedimentary rocks and gases trapped in polar ice cores. His research
lab uses these chemical measurements to understand how Earth's climate has changed in the
past, the extent to which these changes were driven by variations in atmospheric greenhouse
gases, and how these changes have altered the evolution of life (and vice versa) over our
planet's 4.5-billion-year history.

Climb aboard the National Geographic Explorer for the ultimate exploratory experience, a comprehensive cruise along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Princeton Journeys is delighted to announce another opportunity to experience what could easily be named the single most unique travel expedition our world has to offer: a journey to Antarctica. Join your fellow Princetonians on the adventure of a lifetime where you will inhabit the vastness and discover the wonder of being in a location entirely pristine. See huge tabular icebergs floating in pools of turquoise blue melt water and mountains rising some 9,000 feet straight up from the sea. Watch raucous penguin behavior from courting to mating. Kayak among exotic wildlife. Descend from your ship, “parked” in the ice, for the thrill of walking on a frozen sea. Cruise through the solemn majesty of the Lemaire Channel. Capture the magnificence of your surroundings with an onboard National Geographic photographer. In crossing the Antarctic Convergence, you’ll join the ranks of the legendary explorers who’ve ventured there. And, depending on where your prior travels have taken you, you may even join another illustrious and exclusive society — the “Seven Continent Club.”

Pre-and post-cruise extensions will be available in Buenos Aires, Easter Island and Iguazú Falls for those wanting to explore some of South America’s natural and cultural wonders. Please note: Princeton travelers will be joined by like-minded participants from Lindblad Expeditions.

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