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January 27 | 4:30 p.m. EST

Making a Modern Central Bank: The Bank of England (1979–2003)


In a discussion of his most recent book, Making a Modern Central Bank: The Bank of England (1979–2003), Professor Harold James will examine a revolution in monetary and economic policy as the Bank of England shifted its traditional mechanisms to accommodate a newly internationalized financial and economic system. The Bank's transformation into a modern inflation-targeting independent central bank allowed it to focus on a precisely defined task of monetary management, ensuring price stability. The reframing of the task of central banks, however, left them increasingly vulnerable to financial crisis. Through this discussion, Professor James will also shed light on the origins of the UK’s growing backlash against globalization and the European Union.

About Our Study Leader
Harold James is the Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies and professor of history and international affairs. Professor James joined Princeton University in 1986 and studies economic and financial history and modern European history. A recipient of the Helmut Schmidt Prize for Economic History and the Ludwig Erhard Prize for publications in economics, Professor James is the author of Family Capitalism, Harvard University Press, 2006; The Creation and Destruction of Value: The Globalization Cycle, Harvard University Press, 2009; Making the European Monetary Union, Harvard University Press, 2012; and The Euro and the Battle of Economic Ideas (with Markus K. Brunnermeier and Jean-Pierre Landau), Princeton University Press, 2016.

February 24 | 4:30 p.m. EST

Evolution in the Galapagos

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Peter Grant, Class of 1877 Professor of Zoology Emeritus, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Emeritus

Rosemary Grant, Senior Research Biologist, Emeritus; Senior Biologist, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Join Princeton Journeys for a conversation with legendary evolutionary biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant as they discuss their four decades of work studying Darwin’s finches on the Galápagos Island of Daphne Major. As chronicled in the Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time and the acclaimed 40 Years of Evolutionthe Grants have proven that that evolutionary changes can occur far faster than was ever thought possible and that evolution is a far more dynamic process than Darwin imagined.

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