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Annual Giving

Annual Giving Celebrates 2019-20 Volunteer Achievements

by Beth Perrino
April 1, 2021

In a series of virtual celebrations in February, Annual Giving volunteer leaders were recognized for their achievements in the 2019-20 Annual Giving campaign. A video honors volunteers for their good work and spirit of service, and Princeton alumni, parents, and friends for their generous support of Annual Giving.

“[Annual Giving] is a good reason to connect with classmates,” said class agent Matt Tarkenton ’92. “The longer we’re out, the more fun it is, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the University.”   

The Harold H. Helm Award, Class of 1920 Award recognizing “exemplary and sustained service to Annual Giving,” was presented to Paul Haaga, Jr. ’70. Learn more about Paul and his team-focused approach to volunteering.

The Class of 1960 Award for the highest percentage of participation among the youngest 10 classes was presented to the Class of 2010 for reaching 55.7 percent participation. The class was led by Class Agents Peter McCall and Sarah Schiff.

The Class of 1931 Ricardo A. Mestres Memorial Award recognizes participation in two additional groups of classes. For the highest participation among classes 11 to 50 years post-graduation, the award was presented to the Class of 1972 with 63.8 percent participation. The class was led by Class Agent Tom Hoster. The Class of 1963 earned the Mestres Award for achieving the highest percentage of participation in Annual Giving among classes 51 or more years post-graduation with 74.5 percent. The class was led by Class Agent Bob Eisenstadt.

The Class of 1939 Award recognizes the non-major reunion class that raises the highest dollar amount. The award for 2019-20 went to the Class of 1992, which raised $1,588,240. The class was led by Class Agents Myles Derieg, Mary Kelleher, Ted Polubinski and Matt Tarkenton.

Class of 1926 Trophy is awarded to the class that raises the largest sum of money each year. The award this year goes to the Class of 1995, which raised $12,731,995 the highest total ever for a 25th Reunion class and an all-time record for any class in celebration of their 25th Reunion. The class was led by Class Agents Cameron Barrett, Alex Clavel and Rahsaan Harris; Critical Few Chair Karen Hammerback Sonneborn; and Special Gifts Chairs Tim Brennan, Geordie Hebard, Eileen Ohnell Kim, Zeina Pike and Scott Rostan.